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Up Angle 90 Degree Cat6a Patch Cable Unshielded UTP Ultra Slim Ethernet Patch Cord

  • Type: Cat6a
  • Bandwidth: 500MHz
  • Speed: 10Gigabit
  • Conductor: Stranded 28AWG
  • Lengths: 0.2m/0.3m/0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/3m…15M
  • Colors: Blue/grey/black/green/yellow/red/white…
  • Package: 1pcs/PE bag
  • Approvals: CE, RoHS&REACH
  • Warranty: Lifetime

COMNEN’s ultra slim 90-degree up angled ethernet patch cables are designed for tight space LAN cabling. With the 4-pair twisted stranded 28AWG bare copper wires, this cat. 6a cable realized small OD(3.8mm), but do not sacrifice its quality. Molded boots to keep the RJ45 connector’s PINs toughly connected with the 4p wires. This is a cat6a Fluke Channel tested rated 10gigabit Ethernet network cable, backward compatible with Category 6/5e/5 and Category 3 cables, widely used for connecting with network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, DSL/Cable modems, patch panels and other twisted-pair applications. Compliant with RoHS, REACH and CE, come with COMNEN lifetime long warranty. ODM and EOM service are available.

Physical Characteristics

• Cable Type – Cat6a UTP
• Connector Type(s) – RJ45 Male
• Wiring Scheme – T568A or T568B
• Temperature Rating – -20°C to +75°C
• Voltage Rating – 30V


Conductor (Qty. 4 twisted pair)

• Conductor Type – 28AWG(7/0.12), Bare Copper
• Insulation – HDPE
• Dimeter – 0.75±0.05mm
• Pair Identification:
• Pair1=Orange, Orange-White
• Pair2=Blue, Blue-White
• Pair3=Green, Green-White
• Pair4=Brown, Brown-White

Connector Type (Qty. 2)

• Connector Type – Unshielded 8P8C (RJ45)
• Gender – Male
• Connector Material – PC
• Contact Material – Copper Alloy, Gold Plating – 1/3/…/50µm
• Hood Material – Molded PVC

Overall Cable 

• Jacket – PVC/LSZH
• Minimum Average Thickness – 0.4mm
• Outer Diameter – 3.8±0.15mm


Electrical Characteristics

• Conductor DC Resistance – 22.7Ω/100m (maximum)
• Impedance – 100Ω
• Capacitance – 5600pf/100m
• Propagation Delay – 545ns/100m (maximum)
• Delay Skew – 45ns/100m (maximum)


Product Application

• Horizontal networks installation
• 10Gigabit; Gigabit 1000 BASE-T; 100 BASE-T; 10 BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
• Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Patch Panels etc.


COMNEN UTP Cat6a Up Angle 90 Degree Slim Patch Cable Datasheet

COMNEN UTP Cat6a Up Angle 90 Degree Slim Patch Cable Drawing

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