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Office Laser Printer Using A4 Sheet Ethernent Network Cable Labels

  • Self-Laminating, Wrap-Round Style.
  • Innovative free sheet for label design.
  • Flexible with high performance adhesive.
  • Designed to withstand extremes in temperature.
  • Supplied on A4 sheets, labels can be printed using office laser printer.

Comnen’s A4 sheet ethernent network cable labels are a kind of easy going labels, which allow you to organise and label installations clearly and professionally printing by a laser printer, so maintenance and trouble-shooting can be completed efficiently with minimum downtime.

These cable labels are supplied on A4 paper sheets so that you can print your own labels by using an office laser printer. There is no need for custom printers to produce clear, professional- looking labels that are durable and easy to read. Using Comnen’s innovative free sheet makes the process simple.

Comnen self-laminating cable labels are suitable for numerous cable applications, including cables of up to 35mm in diameter. The labels are flexible and have high performance adhesive, designed to cope with the increasingly harsh environments that network cabling has to tolerate.


A4 Sheet Ethernent Network Cable Labels Datasheet

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