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Gigabit 100MHz RJ45 8P8C Ethernet Network unshielded Cat5e UTP Modular Plugs

Type: Cat5E
Bandwidth: 100MHz
Speed: 1Gigabit
Contacts: 8p8c
Colors: Transparent
Package: 1000pcs/PE bag
Approvals: CE, RoHS&REACH
Warranty: Lifetime

COMNEN unshielded RJ45 Cat5e UTP modular connectors are designed for 4-pair Gigabit Ethernet network cables’ connecting. 8-position and 8-conductor, are used with solid or stranded 23/24/26/28awg lan cables. 8 Pins are 3U”,15U”,30U” or 50U” gold plated contacts, the housing is UL listed PC materials. Widely used in our category 5e patch cords production.

Physical Characteristics

• Connector Type(s) – RJ45 Male
• Contacts – 8P8C
• Wiring Scheme – T568A or T568B
• Temperature Rating – -40°C to +85°C
• Voltage Rating – 30V


Electrical Characteristics

• Rated Current – 250V AC, 2A at 25℃.
• Contact Resistance – 20mΩ Max.
• Insulation Resistance – 500mΩ Min, 1000V DC/min
• Voltage Proof – 1000V AC/1minute no breakdown.


Mechanical Characteristics

• Insertion Force & Withdrawal Force – 30N Max.
• Durability – 2000 Times Min.


Product Application

• Gigabit 1000 BASE-T; 100 BASE-T; 10 BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
• Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Patch Panels etc.


Environmental Compliance

CE, RoHS, REACH etc.


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