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100G QSFP28 to 4x25G SFP28 Passive DAC Direct Attach Copper Breakout Cable

  • CompatiblewithIEEE802.3bj,IEEE802.3byandInfiniBandEDR
  • Supportsaggregatedataratesof100Gbps
  • Optimizedconstructiontominimizeinsertionlossandcrosstalk
  • BackwardcompatiblewithexistingQSFP+connectorsandcages
  • Pull-to-releaseslidelatchdesign
  • 26AWGthrough30AWGcable
  • Straightandbreakoutassemblyconfigurationsavailable
  • CustomizedcablebraidterminationlimitsEMIradiation
  • CustomizableEEPROMmappingforcablesignature
  • RoHScompliant

COMNEN Customized 100G QSFP28 to 4x25G SFP28 Passive DAC (Direct Attach Copper) Breakout Cable fully compatible with various brand as required for connecting a 100G port to four 25G ports. All DAC cables are pre-programmed to match the equipment.They are designed for high-density applications, offering a cost-effective, low-power option for high-speed data center interconnects. Economically Links up a QSFP28 port with an upstream 25G SFP28 Switch,These direct attach copper cables are available in standard or customized lengths up to 5 meters (16.4 ft.) for support of up to 100G (4x25G) Ethernet applications.

QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly feature eight differential copper pairs,providing four data transmission channels at speeds up to 25Gbps per channel, and meets 100G Ethernet, 25G Ethernet and InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate(EDR) requirements. Available in a broad rang of wire gages  from 26AWG through 30AWG-this 100G copper cable assembly features low insertion loss and low crosstalk Designed for applications in the data center,networking and telecommunications markets that require a high speed, reliable cable assembly,this next generation product shares the same mating interface with QSFP+form factor, making it backward compatible with existing QSFP ports. QSFP28 can be used with current 10G and14G applications with substantial signal integrity margin.


1. Cost-effective copper solution
2. Lowest total system power solution
3. Lowest total system EMI solution
4. Optimized design for Signal Integrity

High Speed Characteristics

100G QSFP28-4xSFP28 Direct Attach Cable Characteristics

Regulatory Compliance

100G QSFP28-4xSFP28 Direct Attach Cable Regulatory Compliance



  • Switches,serversandrouters
  • DataCenternetworks
  • Storageareanetworks
  • Highperformancecomputing
  • Telecommunicationandwirelessinfrastructure
  • Medicaldiagnosticsandnetworking
  • Testandmeasurementequipment

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