How to terminate an ethernet cable with Cat6a RJ45 plug

Terminating a solid cable with an Cat6a, Cat7 or Cat8 RJ45 connector plug requires some specific tools and techniques. Especially assembling big gauge solid wires into RJ45 modular plug inserts can be a little tricky, but with the right tools and skills, it can be done easily. Here are some tips that can help:

Materials and Tools needed:

Solid Ethernet cable (CAT6a, CAT7 or CAT8)

RJ45 connector plug (two-piece type)

Cable stripper or a sharp knife

Crimping tool with RJ45 port

Cable tester (optional)

Step 1: Strip the cable.

Using a cable stripper or a sharp knife, strip off about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the outer insulation from the cable. Be careful not to damage the inner wires.

How to terminate an ethernet cable with CAT7 RJ45 plug

Step 2: Untwist and straighten wires.

If the cable is shielded, cut off the AL foil and part of the braid firstly, then untwist and straighten the conductor wires and drain wires.

How to terminate an ethernet cable with CAT8 RJ45 plug

Step 3: Trim the wires.

Arrange the wires according to the desired wiring scheme. The most common wiring scheme is the T568B standard, which has the following color-coding:

T568B: White-Orange, Orange, White-Green, Blue, White-Blue, Green, White-Brown, Brown

T568A: White-Green, Green, White-Orange, Blue, White-Blue, Orange, White-Brown, Brown

Using a wire cutter or scissors, trim the wires so they are all the same length, leaving about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) of exposed wire.

How to terminate an ethernet cable with CAT6A RJ45 plug

Step 4: Insert wires into load bar.

Insert the wires into the plastic RJ45 connector load bar in the correct order, following the wiring scheme T568B or T568A.

Terminate an ethernet cable with CAT7 RJ45 plug

Step 5: Insert wires into pug body.

Insert the wires and bar into the plug body, make sure the wires are fully inserted and reach the end of the connector.

Terminate an ethernet cable with cat8 RJ45 plug

Step 6: Trim the drain wires.

Cut off the extra length of drain wires and the staying braid.

Terminate an CAT6A ethernet cable with RJ45 plug

Step 7: Crimp the PINs.

Using a crimping tool with an RJ45 port, crimp the connector PINS onto the wires. Be sure to apply enough pressure to ensure a secure connection.

Terminate an cat7 ethernet cable with RJ45 plug

Step 8: Crimp the tails.

Using another port for crimping the plug’s tail, ensure the tail fully wrap the cable and drain wires.

Terminate an CAT8 ethernet cable with RJ45 plug

Step 9: Test the connection (optional) If you have a cable tester, use it to test the connection to ensure that it is working properly. If you don’t have a tester, you can plug the cable into a network device and check that it is able to establish a connection.

Congratulations, you have successfully terminated a shielded solid cable with an RJ45 connector plug, means you have made a copper ethernet patch cord!


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