inject molding boots for patch cable

Mass production of network patch cords is our profession, and we have been working for more than 15 years. In the past 15 years, our company has produced more than 100 million patch cords. But do you know how the patch cords are produced in a factory? Today we will give an introduction.

Mass-producing Ethernet patch cords in a factory requires the use of specialized equipment, a well-organized production process and need a lot of labors. Here are the general steps involved:

Gather materials: You will need bulk Ethernet cable, RJ45 connectors, plastic materials, cable cutter machine, strip machine, molding machine, patch cord tester and etc. The most important is that you should have a lot of experienced workers.

Cut the cable: Use a cable cutter machine to cut the Ethernet cable to the desired length. Make sure to leave some extra 2cm cable at each end to allow for stripping and crimping.

cut the ethernet cable by machine.

Cut ethernet cables by machine.

Strip the cable: Use a wire stripper machine to remove the outer insulation from the cable. Be careful not to damage the inner wires. This machine is using high pressure air to control the blade,so we can strip thousands of pcs of cables per hour.

patch cord making process

How to strip cable jacket

Untwist and straighten the wires: Carefully untwist the wire pairs and straighten them out.

 untwist and straighten the ethernet wires

How to untwist and straighten the wires

Arrange the wires: Arrange the wires according to the wiring standard you are using (T568A or T568B).

Trim the wires: Use a wire cutter to trim the wires to the appropriate length.

Insert the wires into the connector: Carefully insert the wires into the RJ45 connector in the correct order. And the wires should reach the forefront.

arrange trim insert network wires

How to arrange, trim and insert wires

Crimp the connector: Use a crimping machine to crimp the connector PINs into the wires, making sure that each wire is properly seated in the connector.

crimp the ethernet network connector

How to crimp the connector

Injection molding boot: In this step, the machine operators’ experience are very important. Must adjust the the working temperature and pressure before the the machine begins to molding.

 inject molding boots for patch cable

How to inject molding boots

Inspect boots: Check the boots with defects or not, with burrs or not, and select which ones need to be repaired.

inspect boots before testing

Have to inspect boots

Test the patch cord: Use a patch cord tester to verify that the patch cord is properly wired and functioning correctly.

 test the patch cords by tester.

How to test the network patch cords

Package and label the patch cord: Once the patch cord has been tested, package it and label it with the appropriate information (e.g. length, wiring standard, etc.).

pack, label patch cords

Have to pack and label the patch cords

To mass-produce Ethernet patch cords in a factory, you will need to have multiple workstations set up to carry out these steps simultaneously. You may also need to invest in specialized equipment such as cable cutters, wire strippers, crimping tools, and patch cord testers. Additionally, you will need to establish a quality control process to ensure that each patch cord meets your standards before it is packaged and shipped.

cartons pallets ethernet patch cords

How to carton and pallet the patch cords


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