Cat5e Network Patch Cable is the version of the enhanced category 5 patch cable, widely used in structured cabling for Ethernet and LAN networks. Provides international standards performance of 100 MHz bandwidth(due to the production tech improved, cat5e patch cables’ performance can be up to 350MHz ), also work with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX(Fast Ethernet), and  Gigabit Ethernet.
The components of Cat5e Patch Cords:
1, Two Cat5e RJ45 modular connectors
2, Four twisted pairs cable.
The types of Cat5e Cable:
1, Refers to the electronic characters, Cat5e Patch Cable can be sorted into UTP, S/FTP and SFTP;

utp cat5e cableftp cat5e cablesftp cat5e cable





utp cat5e cable                  ftp cat5e cable               sftp cat5e cable
2.Refers to the cable shape, can be sorted into round Patch Cable and flat Patch cable.

round cat5e patch cable                     falt cat 5e patch cables





Round Patch Cable            Flat patch cable

3.Refers to the cable jacket, can be sorted into PVC Patch Cable and LSZH(Low Smoke Zero Halogen)Patch cable.

PVC Patch Cable                       LSZH Patch Cable





PVC Patch Cable                 LSZH Patch Cable

4. Refers to the conductors, can be sorted into BC(bare Copper), CCA(Copper clad Aluminum) and CCS(Copper clad Steel) Patch cable.

BC conductor                      CCA or CCA conductor





BC conductor                      CCA or CCA conductor

The types of Cat5e RJ45 connectors:
1.Refers to the electronic characters, can be sorted into UTP and S/FTP.

UTP Connector                             FTP Conductor





UTP Connector                  FTP Conductor

2.Refers to the connector component materials, can be sorted into PC RJ45 connector and Nylon RJ45 connector.

PC RJ45 connector                             Nylon rj45 connector





PC RJ45 connector         Nylon rj45 connector

3.Refers to the connector’s shape, can be sorted into short body connector and long body connector.

Long body connector        Short body connector





Long body connector      Short body connector

As a common buyer, how can you know the quality of the patch cable is good or bad? Today our engineer will show you the most easy way to see the difference. Seeing from the front view of a patch cable:
1.If you see the copper flash, means this patch cable be made of copper conductor wires, so we generally can think it as a good quality cable;
2.If you see the silver flash, means this cable be made of CCA or CCS conductor wire, so this cable is not so good.
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