Punching tool usage introduction and RJ45 keystone jack installation

Today, network cabling products provider Comnen Technology‘s engineer is going to introduce punching tool usage and rj45 keystone jack installation. In order to understand the RJ45 keystone jack installation, first of all, we need to know there are 2 wiring types: T568A and T568B

T568A mode:①white/green ②green ③white/orange ④blue ⑤white/blue ⑥orange ⑦white/brown ⑧brown

T568B mode:①white/orange ②orange ③white/green ④blue ⑤white/blue ⑥green ⑦white/brown ⑧brown

rj45 keystone jack

Operating steps:

Step 1: Strip 10cm of the jacket at the end of the cable with the wire stripper, as show in the following pic.

strip off the jacket

Step 2: Part the twisted wires according to pares, but do not open it for each wire, only in the corresponding line of pressure into the lineup when open it in advance. According to the information on the module indicated by color code to choose our preference line sequence pattern (note: in a cabling system best only with a line sequence mode, otherwise it’s difficult to find the problems when the networks malfunction). Parallel peeling end with the back of the keystone jack, slightly unscrew the winding on the hands, a little hard to press the wire into the corresponding wires slot, as show in the following pic.

keystone wiring

Step 3: Press all the wires into the slot with 110 puncher, as show in the following pic.

How to use 110 puncher:The blade for cutting needless wires is always toward the outside of the keystone jack, keep puncher vertical with keystone jack and insert into the slot with vertical force, when hear a “clicking” sound, means wire has been in place, has been embedded in the metal clip, metal clip and wire are connected.

Step 4: Put the plastic dustproof clasp of the RJ45 keystone jack on the column lineup, and put the wired keystone jack into the face plate.

Note: Please choose a quality guaranteed puncher, otherwise cause unnecessary loss!