STP Cat6 Keystone Jack Toolless Type, 180 Degree

•CAT 6 Performance Speeds of up to Gigabit
•8 Pin x 8 Conductor for Streamlined Connection
•High-Density, Slim Profile
•Reliable Connector, and Durable Housing
•Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation

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STP Cat.6 Keystone Jack Tolless Type,180 Degree.
This Keystone Jack is designed for 22-26 AWG solid conductors .


Housing: ABS 94V-0/1/2
IDC: PC UL94V-0/1/2
PCB: FR-4 1.6 mm thick, 2 layers
Contacts: 0.45 mm phosphor bronze with  gold plating on contact area


Construction Features
Conductor color code according to T568B and T568A
Contact color and numerical marking


Electrical characteristics
Current rating: 1.5 A max
Voltage rating: 150 V
Contact Resistance: 20 mOhm
Insulation Resistance: 500 MOhm
Dielectric withstand voltage: 1000 V AC RMS, 60Hz/1min

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