Fiber Solutions

The extensive product range from COMNEN offers the right connection technology for fiber optic-based cabling. Fiber Optic Solutions include: MPO pre-terminated fiber optic system,Multi Mode Indoor/Outdoor Optical Cable,Singlemode Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable,Adapter(Cermic Sleeve),Fiber Opitc Connector,Bow-type drop Cable,Fiber Optic Patch Cords,Fiber Faceplate,Fiber Optical Patch Panel,FIber Optical Video Transmitter&Receiver,SC Fiber Converters.

100GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM Module 4,8,16 Channel)

Channel Spacing:100GHz
Number of Channels:4 Channel; 8 Channel; 16 Channel
Configuration:Mux ; Demux
Fiber Type:Bare fiber; 900um loose tube; 2mm cable; 3mm cable
Fiber Length:1m; 2m
In/Out Connector:None; FC/APC; FC/PC; SC/APC; SC/PC; ST; LC

Mini 1.2mm LC/SC/UPC/APC Singlemode Simplex/Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord PVC/LSZH/OFNP

Connector Type (End A): LC or SC/UPC or APC
Connector Type (End B): LC or SC/UPC or APC
Fiber Type: OS1
Cable OD: 1.2mm
Fiber Count: Simplex or Duplex
Fiber Diameter: 9/125 μm
Optical Mode: Singlemode

Customized Outdoor Waterproof HUAWEI Mini SC/APC to SC/APC connectors Fiber Optic Patch Cord for Huawei Telefonica Compatible

Fiber optic communications in harsh outdoor environments
Outdoor communication equipment connection
Huawei waterproof fiber equipment SC port
Remote wireless base station
FTTx wiring project

Modular Passive Optical CWDM OADM Multiplexer Module 4/8/16/18 Channels

Channel Spacing:CWDM Grid
Number of Channels:4 / 8 / 16 / 18/N
Fiber Type:Bare fiber, 900um loose tube, 2mm Cable, 3mm Cable
Fiber Length:1m, 2m, Custom
Connector:None, FC/APC, FC/PC, SC/APC, SC/PC ,ST, LC, Custom

Multimode Duplex LC/LC Uniboot 50 Micron OM4 Aqua Fiber Patch Cable – 2mm Jacket PVC(OFNR)/LSZH

Uniboot Fiber Patch Cable
LC-LC (Uniboot) Connectors
Multimode Communication
Color – Aqua
OM4 Standard
50/125 µm Core Diameter
0.3m – 100m in length

FTTA GYFJH 2A1a PDLC outdoor fiber optic patch cable for Base Station

Soft, flexible, water blocked, UV resistant, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission; Widely used in FTTA, Base station and outdoor environment.

Customized 8-144 Fibers OM4/OM3/OS2 Multimode MTP/MPO Trunk Cable 12 Strands Female Male Type A/B/C 3.0mm

Fiber Count: 8,12,24,36,48,72,96,144 Fibers.
Connector A: Female (Without Pins) UPC, Male (With Pins) UPC.
Connector B: Female (Without Pins) UPC, Male (With Pins) UPC.
Polarity: Type A Straight Through, Type B Cross, Type C Cross Pair.
Fiber Type: OM4,OM3,OS2.
Length: Customized.
Outer Jacket: PVC/LSZH/OFNP.

Customized WB MMF OM5 For 40G/100G Multimode Wideband LC/SC/FC/ST Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable

Connector Type: LC/SC/ST/FC
Polish Type: UPC/APC to UPC/APC
Fiber Mode: OM5 50/125μm
Wavelength: 850/953nm
Fiber Count: Duplex/Simplex
Cable Diameter: 2.0/3.0mm
Cable Jacket: PVC/LSZH/OFNP
Jacket Color: Lime Green

LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM4 10G 50/125 Armored PVC (OFNR) Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable

Stainless steel tube provides good protection against physical damage.
Light weight and flexible with about a 30mm minimum bend radius, easy to install.
Low insertion loss and high return loss, stable transmission.

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