Copper Solutions

COMNEN offers a full line of high quality innovative products for your copper structured Ethernet cabling needs.We have CAT5E and CAT6 shielded and unshielded systems for your basic IP, voice, video,audio,multimedia and web surfing applications. CAT6A and CAT7 systems for your 10GBASE-T Ethernet request. And the latest CAT8 system are designed for 40G network cabling. Our copper systems products include Network cables, Keystone jacks, Patch cords, Connectors, cable management, Patch panels, Wall plates, Cabinets and Racks

CAT8 Shielded RJ45 8P8C Field Termination Plug, 40G 2Ghz, 22-26AWG

•Full shielded with zinc alloy housing
•T568A & T568B wiring
•CAT.8 channel performance vertified
•Cable wire gauge : 22AWG to 26AWG
•Cable outer diameter : 7.0 to 8.5mm
•Suitable for the PoE plus (IEEE 802.3at) applications
•Easy, quick and reliable installation

19”1U Shielded Cat.8 Blank Patch Panel 24 Ports Use For Category 8 Keystone Jack With Back Bar

• The empty patch panels are available to snap in by Cat. 8 keystone jack.
• Not included the module in the packaging
• Height: 1U, 24 port
• Snap-in structure, easy to install and unload the module
• Size: 19 inch

COMNEN Cat 8 Ethernet Network Patch Cord,dual shielded,40G 2000MHz,30m Channel Test

Speed:40 Gigabit
Conductor:Stranded 24/26/28AWG
Length,Color,Package:As per your request

Toolless RJ45 Cat 8 Keystone Jack for 40G 2000MHz Network

•CAT 8 Performance Speeds of up to 40G
•8 Pin x 8 Conductor for Streamlined Connection
•High-Density, Slim Profile
•Reliable Connector, and Durable Housing
•Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts Provide Corrosion Resistance and Signal Conductivity
•Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation