As a Ethernet network patch cable manufacturer in China, Comnen devoted itself in designing and developing high quality and performance patch cords to meet the high speed commercial and residential structured Ethernet network cabling.

Patch cable manufacturer-Comnen Technology

What we do?

Design, develop and produce Ethernet Network Patch Cables. Including Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5, Cat3, 110 Patch cables. Shielded(SSTP, SFTP, S/FTP) and unshielded(UTP) patch cables. Latest hot sale network patch cables are flat patch cable and ultra thin patch cords.

Wholesale to over the world. As a professional Ethernet patch cords manufacturer, OEM & ODM service for all patch cords to us. Our professional engineers, experienced team workers and the scientific management is the best insurance to offer you the cables you want.

How can we survive from the fierce competition?
1.Quality is the root of our company to survive! Every patch cable from Comnen must pass strictly shot, open and miss wire test; All our cables are compliant with CE, RoHS, REACH, UL standards.
2.Superior performance than the market.
Here are the compares between standard patch cables’ performance and ours
Category                 standards                     Ours
Cat7                          600MHz                   800MHz
Cat6a                        500MHz                   600MHz
Cat6                          250MHz                    350MHz
Cat5e                       100MHz                    250MHz

Why customers like to distribute our products?
The most important thing is that distribute our patch cables will help them make more money! Distribute our patch cords will keep away the customers’ compliance!
Full range of supports: Provide original products’ drawings, detailed datasheet of each product and free samples for test!
Design product and packaging for them!

If you interested in to know more about Comnen, or like to be one distributor of Comnen, welcome to sent us email or call us directly.

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