New materials RJ45 connectors: Nylon RJ45 connectors

Today we are so excited to announce our new materials RJ45 connectors: Nylon RJ45 Connectors. After have being R&D for one and an half years, Comnen Technology engineers finally worked it out.

These kind of nylon plugs also come with utp(unshielded)and ftp(shielded), bellow are the pictures of these two different type Nylon RJ45 Connectors: utp rj45 connectors nylon materials  ftp rj45 connectors nylon materials






Why Nylon RJ45 connectors used to make a patch cord?

Compared with the normal PC RJ45 connectors, the Nylon RJ45 connectors have some attractive advantages:
1.The most distinct difference between general RJ45 connectors and Nylon RJ45 connectors is the general RJ45 connectors are made from Polycarbonate (PC), and the Nylon RJ45 connectors are made from Nylon.
2.The general PC RJ45 connectors in top quality in the market, it’s tab will be snapped off after 61 times fold. But the Nylon RJ45 connectors can never be snapped off.
See the following pictures:

patch cord with PC materials plugs patch cord with Nylon materials plugs





The cost of the Nylon connectors:

The normal PC RJ45 plugs usually production cost is 0.015USD/pcs to 0.1USD/pcs, and the cost of producing Nylon RJ45 connector is 30% more expensive.

The market of the Nylon RJ45 Connectors
By now, the Nylon RJ45 plugs have already been used to make network patch cords. Cat5e, cat6, ca6a, cat 7, all these category cables can use with Nylon RJ45 connectors to make patch cords, shielded or unshielded. For the never snapped off advantages, they become more and more welcomed in European, USA, Canada, Japan…

Bellow are our latest samples:
Cat6a patch cords with Nylon RJ45 Connectors;
Cat 7 patch cords with Nylon RJ45 Connectors

cat6a patch cords with shielded rj45 connectors nylon materialscat7 patch cord with nylon materials plugs

If you are interested in our these new designed network patch cords, welcome to contact us,we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.