With the application and development of the Ethernet and enterprise network all over the world, the financial industry and electronic network information deep construction in our country, increasingly diversified service means, based on the computer, a lot of new business appear constantly, and gradually formed a complete set of modernization new model.

comnen fiber optic cabling system

The integrated cabling system plays a more and more important role in the financial industry. In modern financial systems, to ensure transmission of he huge flow of financial information every day, enough bandwidth communication networks, stable and reliable cabling system are needed to keep transmission high performance. At present, the trend of development of data centralization has been widely accepted in Chinese financial systems, and some large securities firms and Banks are on the way to build their own high performance cabling systems. As the core of the data and business application, what the importance of data to the users is the heart to the body.

Solution: 10000 MHz copper cabling systems and fiber optic system solutions

The solution adopt 10000 MHz copper cabling systems working with fiber optic systems, to build a superior performance, and stable and reliable transmission of network cabling system. Systems support 10000 MHz Ethernet 10 G base – T, at the same time, it is easy to install and suitable for using in data centers and large office buildings, to provide high speed network system for large financial institutions. OM3 indoor optical fiber solution are commonly used in the part of fiber optic systems. After the M3 fiber optimized by the 850nm wavelength laser, the minimum effective mode bandwidth reach 2000-km MHZ, can support 10G data rate transmission and the transmission distance over 300 meters, fully ensure that data centers requiring high speed and reliable performance. According to the trend of the development of the current standards, OM3 fiber can support such as 16G and 32G fiber channel and 100G Ethernet and even higher data rate transmission in the future, not only meet the needs of the current users but also adapt to the development of the future, guarantee data center with  high speed and reliable network transmission.

Financial institutions often have their own independent concentration of office buildings. At the same time, there are widely distributed branches and business place. The hidden trouble will lead to serious consequences, therefore, the solution of 10000 MHz copper cabling systems and 10000 MHz fiber systems products recommend users to use the LSZH and more environmentally friendly products.

Comnen's shielded patch cables

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