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Many customer ask us how to make a patch cable, they think its easy. But does it really like what they thinking of? To produce a high quality patch cable needs a very strict production procedure. Today our engineers would like to share our precious experience with you guys in patch cable production.

Note: all of our cables are compliant with RoHS, CE,REACH standards.

Step 1: Peel off the cover.


Note: In this is step, peel off 15-18mm cover. One thing is very important, that is do not damage the insulation PE, otherwise it will cause short problems.

Step 2: Wiring and put in plug

Wring usually divided into 2 types, namely T568A and T568B, also it can be customizing. No matter in which turns, it is to ensure no open.


Step 3: Contact the gold pin with conductors

In this step, it must reach the following 2 points:
1. Gold pin bite in the center or the conductor.
2. The conductors must reach the top of the plug.


Step 4: Injection molding

In this step, the machine operators’ experience are very important. Must adjust the the working temperature and pressure before the the machine begins to molding.


Step 5: Electronic testing

Each patch cable will be tested twice, to ensure 100% working.


Step 6: Fluke testing

High quality testing by Fluke.


After test, a patch cable will be packed as customer request.

Above all are the steps brief  introduction to make a patch cable on the patch cable production line.