The path to 10 Gbps is now paved with copper! Cat6a cables, couplers and adapters can transmit at speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second! Ten times as fast as Cat6 and cheaper than fiber cabling, Cat6a is a high performance, cost-effective solution for moving large volumes of voice, video and data traffic over a network.
Cat6a Snagless Network Patch Cables

Cat6a Snagless Network Patch Cables


Until recently, fiber connectivity was the only way to achieve 10 Gbps transmission rates.  Now you have options with Cat6a reaching 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds at frequencies of up to 500 MHz over low cost copper cable. Cat6a’s accelerated performance is perfect for use in data centers and storage area networks (SAN) that need to move sometimes terabits of data.
In addition to being fast, Cat6a boasts additional superior capabilities including longer distances (up to 100 meters for 10GBASE-T), easier migration and less crosstalk than Cat6. Plus, Cat6a cables are backward-compatible with existing network interface cards and connectors, making for an easier migration path.  Also Cat6a cables are shielded, enhancing overall performance and making them more resistant to noise, interference and alien crosstalk.
COMNEN Cat6a keystone jack
With off the chart performance characteristics, Cat6a cables, couplers and other infrastructure products provide an ideal cost effective solution to meet today’s high speed networking demands.  Start paving your way to blistering network speeds today!
To help you build your Cat6a network we offer Cat6a cables, adapters, couplers, patch panels RJ45 plugs and bulk cable! View all of our Cat6a products!