Introduction of Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Fiber optic patch cable, also called fiber optic patch cord or fiber patch cord, is one of the most basic and important parts in optical communication. Fiber optic patch cable is generally used for linking the equipment and components in the fiber optic network, eg. linking between the fiber optic converter and termination box. At the ends of fiber optic patch cable, there are fiber optic connectors. In general, the fiber optic patch cable types are classified by the fiber optic connector types. The commonly used fiber optic patch cable types include SC fiber patch cord, ST fiber optic patch cord, LC fiber optic patch cord, FC fiber optic patch cord etc. In addition, if fiber optic patch cable has the same type of connector on both ends, we call it the same connector type fiber patch cable, otherwise, it is called hybrid fiber optic patch cables. According to its fiber cable mode or fiber cable structure, fiber optic patch cable can be divided into singlemode fiber optic patch cable and multimode fiber optic patch cable or simplex fiber optic patch cable and duplex fiber optic patch cable.

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Production Process of Fiber Optic Patch Cable
The traditional production process of fiber optic patch cable can be divided into three parts: assembly of fiber optic cable and connectors, end face polishing, inspection & testing. As we know, when the optical signal transmitted through the end face of the fibers, due to back reflection or other reasons, it will have a part of loss. A good polishing end face is very necessary for fiber optic transmission. Thus, among the three parts of fiber optic patch cable production process, the latter two parts are very important for producing a high quality fiber optic patch cable. And this is why many manufactures attach great importance to introduce the advanced equipment and technology to achieve good performance in this operation.



In order to achieve best results, a good fiber optic patch cord production includes the following 8 elements:
  • Correct tools and assembly procedures is necessary
  • Using high quality fiber optic connector parts
  • Stable polishing machines is very important
  • High quality polishing sandpaper
  • Correct operating procedures
  • Accurate and reliable test equipment
  • Responsible and experienced operators
  • Clean and dust-free working environment
When using fiber optic patch cable, we need to pay attention to some details. The following tips will give you some help to more understand the fiber optic patch cables during its application.
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  • Choose the right cable with right connectors and lengths according to your requirement.
  • An unused or spare fiber optic patch cable should be protected with the dust caps. Because contamination, such as dust and grease will damage the fiber optic connectors on the ends of the fiber patch cable.
  • When you plan to use fiber optic patch cables, be sure what type of cable mode would you need. In general, singlemode fiber optic patch cable is yellow while its connectors and protective cover is blue. singlemode fiber optic patch cable is usually for long distance transmission. Multimode fiber is generally orange or grey, with a cream or black connector that is used for shorter distance transmission.
  • Don’t excessively bent the fiber optic patch cable when using that will increase the attenuation of optical signal in transmission.
  • When using with the fiber optic transceiver module, you should ensure that the fiber optic transceiver modules in both ends of the fiber patch cable should be the same wavelength. There is a simple method to judge: ensure the color of the modules must be consistent.
Fiber Optic Patch Cable Solution
Comnen provides a full set of fiber optic patch cable solution cover from the production processes, product series introduction, description, application and using guide to after-sale maintenance that can satisfy our customers with a full range of services. In addition, Comnen can also offer the custom service for your special requirements. We will keep on improving to achieve offering the high quality fiber optic patch cables for your projects.
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