Alcatel Lucent Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the Alcatel-Lucent) will deploy a 100G optical network in Thailand to help Thailand’s leading mobile service provider AIS meets the growth of data capacity with the development of tourism as well as the growing number of smart phones and tablet computers.

AIS will deploy Alcatel-Lucent’s industry-leading 1830 photonics optical switching platform to combine the existing 10G optical networks and part of it. Thus, Alcatel-Lucent will help change AIS networks in a cost-effective way, allowing operators to offer high speed, ultra-broadband Internet access in the condition of double demand year on year.

Alcatel Lucent will deploy 100G optical network in Thailand

Alcatel-Lucent is moving from Bangkok to the north and northeast of Thailand to upgrade fiber optic patch cablenetworks. Upgrade is expected to be completed in the first half this year.